JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring IC ID HID NFC RFID 6 cards ios/android

JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring IC ID HID NFC RFID 6 cards ios/android

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Product Description



  • JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring
    Six RFID Cards | Social Sharing | Support Apple Shortcuts
    Wireless Flash Disk | Virtual Call and SOS | Support MI Smart Home


  • Tai Chi Color Theme
    JAKCOM R5 has the unique Tai Chi design of double colors on front and back sides, which is a new fashionable accessory.


  • Double Sides
    Double Styles


  • Made of Fine Ceramics, No Fear of Scratches
    The whole body is made of microcrystal zirconium fine ceramics,
    The surface hardness is second only to diamond, durable and scratch free.


  • Silky and Skin Friendly
    Owning to the low thermal conductivity of microcrystal zirconium,
    As well as over ten thousand times of CNC polishing,
    R5 has jade-like warmth and smoothness.


  • No sweat produced in summer
    No cool sense in winner


  • Six RFID Cards Coexist
    Built-in 6 sets of RFID chip modules,
    Simultaneously simulate 2 IC cards, 2 ID cards and 2 NFC cards,
    6 cards coexist without conflict.
    IC card = 13.56MHZ Mifare1(M1) type proximity card
    ID card = 125KHZ EM type proximity card
    NFC card = 13.56MHZ NTAG type proximity card


  • No.1 IC card
    No.2 IC card
    No.1 NFC card
    No.2 NFC card


  • The white side is No.1 ID card
    The black side is No.2 ID card


  • Before | Present
    Access control card
    Turnstile card
    Elevator card


  • Before | Present
    Parking card
    Time card
    Shopping card


  • Social Sharing
    Use the ring touch to share social contact,
    Almost include all mainstream social platforms.


  • Great New Tool for Dating
    Add friends with one touch, simple and easy to use, quickly ice breaking.


  • Wireless USB Flash Disk
    Use ring touch to transfer any files, and each ring has exclusive 128GB storage space.


  • Great New Tool for Efficiency
    Transfer huge files within seconds without waiting


  • One Touch to Start Up Smart Home Devices
    The ring can be set as a trigger for the intelligent scene of MI Home Smart Devices.


  • One Touch to Launch Apple Shortcuts
    The ring can be set as the starting switch for Apple Shortcuts.


  • Huawei Share
    The ring can be set as the connection tag of Huawei Share.
    The ring can be set as the common Amiibo to unlock the Nintendo game mode or props.


  • Location Message
    The ring can trigger the phone to send GPS location messages to your multiple contact.


  • Virtual Call
    The ring can trigger the cloud server to make a call to you, so that you can find an appropriate excuse for departure.


  • Continuous Iteration
    More new functions are under continuous updates,
    Sincerely look forward to your exploration.


  • Lightweight and Waterproof
    JAKCOM R5 has only 9 grams weight and dustproof & waterproof level of IP56.


  • Dual Energy Stone, Dual Health
    The ring is inlaid with two energy stones to improve human EMFs.
    What is the EMFs ?
    Human action commands are issued by the brain.
    When the brain bio-electrical signals are transmitted to our limbs,
    An electromagnetic field around the whole body will be formed, which is called EMFs,
    Disease, stress and fatigue will interfere with the transmission of these electrical signals,
    Therefore, improving EMFs is one way to improve balance, strength and speed.


  • Small Size, Large Power
    Compare favorably with the regulating ability of the energy wrist band,
    Especially developed for modern life, accompany you to improve your health statu


  • The Best Gift of The Year
    JAKCOM smart ring has undergone updates for five generations,
    Unique and practical functions, superior technological quality,
    Always an excellent gift for relatives, friends and business intercourse.


  • Size Specification
    1.Make a circle around your finger with a thin, inelastic thread;
    2.Tighten the thread slightly, otherwise, the ring size will be oversized;
    3.Straighten the line, measure the length, and select the size according to the following table;
    Size: S, M, L
    Perimeter (mm): 50~58~63~73
    Note: less than 58mm, 58mm ~ 63mm, longer than 63mm


  • Packaging and Parameters
    Carrier Frequency: 13.56MHZ, 125KHZ
    RF Distance: 1~3cm
    IC Chip: CUID x2
    ID Chip: T5577 x2
    NFC Chip: Ntag216 x2
    Ring Material: Ceramics
    Ring Weight: 9 Grams
    Protection Grade: IP56
    Operating Temperature Range: -50℃—+80℃


Frequently Asked Question


About Shipping

  • By Post, Free shipping, 3-4 weeks.
  • By express, fast shipping way, 5-10days.
  • By Special Line, Some cities have it, 1-2 weeks.


About Packing

  • Inner White Box: Unit G.W is about 50g, Unit Size is 6cm x 6cm x 4cm;
    Outer Brown Box: Unit G.W is about 18170g, Unit size is 53cm x 29cm x 37cm , Max with 350 pcs.


About Warranty

  • Warranty is 1 year. There are any problems within one year, we will fix or change it for you, and we are responsible for the freight when we send to you.


About Order Process Cycle

  • All products are in stock, your order will be delivered within one working day after you have paid successfully.


Special Note

  • The read-write process of R5 Ring IC or ID module is the same as ordinary cards;
  • it can be authorized or copied by the corresponding dedicated read-write device;
  • It is recommended to use JAKCOM RFID Replicator for copying, click to view JAKCOM CDS Replicator


Additional Information


S Size, M Size, L Size


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